What Are The Major Hip Pain Treatment Options

What Are The Major Hip Pain Treatment Options

Hip pain is a very troublesome thing to deal with and the pain can be quite excruciating. You should consult with an orthopedic hip surgeon immediately if you feel consistent pain in your hip joints.

When Do You Feel Hip Pain?

Any pain that is associated with your lower pelvic region and affects your hips is generally hip pain. Hip pains are caused by many reasons. If you have fallen down and all of the impact has landed on your hip, then it is probable that your hip joint is affected. The most common injuries related to hips are the ball and socket injury. The ball and socket injury will lead to your hip not being able to move as much and you will feel extreme pain, even if you are sitting down. The ball and socket joint helps with the different movements of the hip and it allows for rotation of the hips as well. The ball and socket joint is also responsible for allowing you to sit on your hips. So, if your hip is in pain, then it can be quite bothersome.

Ways To Treat Hip Pains

Now that we know how hip pain is caused, here are some ways by which hip pain can be treated. These treatments involve surgical and non-surgical methods. They are as follows:


Sometimes, the pain in the hip is not as excruciating as some, so you can get away with pain medications. Not only this, you can also take anti-inflammatory medication to help your hips to get rid of inflammation, if there is any. Inflammation might occur due to infection or the bone being displaced and pressing against your muscles. This can cause pain and inflammation. So, taking these medications will help you a lot.

You can also go for general pain medication, which will help to calm down the pain and make it more bearable. But some pains cannot be treated by medication, simply, and other extensive measures are required to alleviate the pain. But if you have slight pain in your hips, then pain medication and anti-inflammation medication prescribed by a doctor will work wonders for you.

Physical Therapy

Sometimes, all your hips need is a little bit of movement to get back in the swing of things. Along with medication, you might also need physical therapy sessions for the pain in the hips. Physical therapy is a great solution to provide movement to your hips without overexerting them. You can get it done professionally or you can look up physical therapy methods on the internet. But getting it done professionally will help you to treat the affected area, and the results will be quite promising as well. Physical therapy will possibly pull the dislocation back in place and the pain will also diminish over time.


Rather than pain medication which is taken orally, pain injections and steroids are great if you are feeling excruciating pain in your hips. Oral medication only goes so far and sometimes you need something that acts fast and effectively. This is where injections come in handy. The injections will help to treat the affected area efficiently and quickly and you will feel the pain diminishing in no time at all. So, if the pain is too much to deal with, then you can go to your local orthopedic clinic and get a shot of pain medication as an injection. You will feel relieved in no time.

Surgical Methods

When all non-surgical methods fail to alleviate your hip pain, then there is only one way to go and that is surgery. A hip arthroscopy is the most common type of surgery which is done. It mainly involves making some incisions in the hip and fusing the broken parts of the hip together. Another surgery is the ball and socket joint surgery, where prosthetic ball and socket are added in place, to help you move your hip more freely without feeling  excruciating pain or discomfort.


There you have it! You no longer have to deal with the pain and trouble of a broken or dislocated hip if you get a hip replacement surgery Woodbridge. But let your orthopedic specialist decide if it’s the right option for you.

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