Tree Cutting Vs Tree Transplant

Tree Cutting Vs Tree Transplant

Trees represent the beauty of nature. They have infinite advantages to their name such as providing cleaner air and environment, reducing the effects of heat, shelter and food for all species (including humans) and aesthetic appeal. Trees are grown because of all the above stated reasons and that is why planting of trees and plants are encouraged by the government. Now before you find an arborist, the question is should you prefer tree cutting or tree transplant?

Maintaining and landscaping of trees is hard work. You need to make sure the trees are well cared for. They receive the adequate amount of sunlight and water according to their need. Different species of trees require different conditions to thrive well, hence every tree will have different needs. You also need to prune and trim your trees every year so that the branches do not grow extra-long and also there are diseased branches or any fungal growth. Trees that grow well are regularly pruned and the exact growth conditions are provided. However, this is not possible all the time, hence you can either go for tree cutting or tree transplant.

Tree Cutting

Tree cutting means removal of trees. Most people prefer tree cutting because it is a fairly easy process. People who want to start with in depth landscaping or those who want more or different trees in their gardens or parks or even homes usually opt for this.

Dangerous Trees Are Removed

Trees that have a risk factor attached to them such as diseases, numerous fungal growth, dormant leaves, leaning trees or a dead tree should be removed instantly. Sometimes even healthy trees become dangerous after a severe storm or natural disaster and thus the roots and soil become weak and soft and the tree is damaged to the point that it can fall anytime. In such cases there is a danger that the tree can suddenly fall, harming people and property, and the tree should be cut and removed.

It Takes Less Time

Tree cutting and removal takes less time than tree transplant because it can be done on site. Basic preparations are done and all safety measures are taken and then the tree is cut and taken away. Professional arborists are needed for the job. Never attempt to cut a tree by yourself as you can get hurt in the process. A healthy tree that is thriving well needs the expertise of professionals only whether it’s tree pruning or tree removal.


The cost of tree cutting is cheaper as compared to the cost of tree transplants and that is why most people prefer tree cutting.

No Special Timing Needed

You do not need a specific time for tree cutting. If a tree is diseased, dead or dangerous then you should get it cut immediately while even if a tree is healthy you can get it cut at any time of the year.

Tree Transplant

Tree transplant is a process where the tree is dug up along with the roots, then loaded and transported to another area and then dug up again and transplanted in that place. This is mostly done in areas where you would want a lot of trees in a short time such as parks, zoos or other recreational areas.

It’s A Lengthy Process

The process of tree transplantation is a very lengthy process and digging is required twice, to dig out the tree once and again a hole dug to plant the tree. This process may take weeks. Also first you will need to search for the perfect area with the perfect conditions for the tree to thrive well.


The process is also a costly one because a lot of vehicles and machinery and manpower is required for the whole task.

Timing Is Important

Another important step that should not be overlooked in tree transplantation is what time of the year should you opt for transplant. Experts say that the best time of the year is spring and fall. When you take out the tree some of the roots are left or broken in the process. During the time between digging out and transplanting the tree, the roots do not take up water hence water is lost. During fall and spring, trees need less water because of cooler weather. In summers a lot of water is needed due to heat and in winters the ground is frozen. That is why optimum temperature is required so the tree could retain its health or else the tree would die.

It is up to you whichever method you choose. It is best to consult tree services Maryland in this case as they will be the best guide for you.

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