Some tips to maintain your commercial kitchen appliances

Some tips to maintain your commercial kitchen appliances

Commercial kitchen equipment is designed specifically to withstand constant and back to back usage. In case you want your restaurant or any food business to run without any downtime, it is very important for your appliances to run smoothly. Typically, commercial kitchens that do not take proper care of their appliances have to call in professionals for appliance repair every 6 months. On the other hand, good maintenance and care can save you a lot of maintenance costs.

Hence, know that regular maintenance and proper care is very crucial. This will allow you to get the most out of the kitchen appliances.

Tips to maintain commercial kitchen appliance

In this article, we put together a number of tips that you can use to maintain your commercial kitchen appliances. If used for the long-run, these tips will save you plenty of money and time. These include:

Review the user’s manual of appliances

Usually, all kitchen appliances that are designed for commercial purposes have special controls. Hence, every appliance comes with a user manual in which all details regarding the appliance are included.

Moreover, if you are placing an appliance on a kitchen countertop, check whether the surface has enough weight capacity to hold it.

In order to understand the correct method of operation and maintenance, do not forget to review your user’s manual from time to time. Moreover, it will be your responsibility to ensure that all operators of the appliances are well-aware of the operation methods. In this regard, you or your manager may have to keep a constant check on the staff.

Get the broken parts repaired

After years of constant usage, it is not uncommon for small components and parts to break or get wobbly. In case you notice this, immediately contact a technician and get the problem fixed.

In case you keep relying on broken parts, chances are that your kitchen appliances will take further damage. At times, small damages can result in bigger damages that may cause a complete shutdown of the equipment. At the same time, these bigger damages may cost you as much as $1000 or more.

So make sure that the equipment is repaired just in time!

Cleanliness and sanitation

There are countless benefits of keeping your commercial appliances clean and properly sanitized. First of all, it will ensure that the food that you’re cooking is healthy and safe from harmful germs. This will keep diseases such as typhoid, and food-poisoning at bay. At the same time, it will also prevent the buildup of debris, rust, particles, and grime.

In case these particles build up an block some of the pathways, your equipment breakdown. This will result in a business downtime (something that you should always be troubleshooting against).

If you have appliances made of stainless steel, make use of light soapy water to clean it off. Usually, the user’s manuals of appliances also include all information regarding cleaning. So make sure that you have referred to it thoroughly.

Do not ignore the refrigerators

Commercial refrigerators require an even strict routine of inspection and maintenance. In the case of refrigerators, the following components need to be readily inspected:

Door Gaskets

Look for any tears or cracks, as they can result in air leaks. Also, watch out for dirt or grease as they can damage the gaskets.

Tubes and drain pans

It is very important to clean the tubes and drain pans regularly. This is because the debris from sludge and slime can become frozen inside. A lack of care can result in a lot of damage, requiring an immediate repair or a unit replacement.

Air filters

When you are inspecting a commercial refrigerator, check all the air filters along with coolers and ice-machines. In case something looks wrong, contact any service providers that specialize in refrigerator ice maker repair Northern VA. Remember that a delay could make things worse!



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