Pros And Cons Of Uncontested Divorce

Pros And Cons Of Uncontested Divorce

Divorce can be a very painful process for couples and it involves family lawyers and concerned authorities. An uncontested divorce is a way to minimize the painful process by making an agreement with the spouse about how property and money will be divided after the divorce. Here are a few pros and cons of uncontested divorce.

Pros of Uncontested Divorce

Keeping It Quiet

Uncontested divorce means that both parties are on agreement terms. This means that the division of property, debt, child custody and other related issues have been addressed and resolved by themselves. It doesn’t involve many lawyers and attorneys which means there is less paperwork and less details about your marriage and divorce to be recorded in the court. Confidentiality is prioritized through uncontested divorce.

Reduced Cost

Another advantage of uncontested divorce is that it is cheaper than a contested divorce. A divorce can cost too much if it is contested by the other person with the hiring of separate divorce lawyers and court costs. However, with uncontested divorce the cost is reduced to a good extent, which makes it a cheap divorce option. It can be even further reduced if the divorce doesn’t have complications at all. You, technically, don’t need a lawyer for this kind of divorce but uncontested divorce attorneys can make the process very easy, fast and cheap.

Fast Results

The results of an uncontested divorce are fast and for the obvious reasons. There are less complications, everyone is in agreement and there is a goodwill between the partners. Divorces drag on for quite a while and it is very inconvenient for both parties to come into court regularly but uncontested divorce doesn’t require any trials. The quicker you get over with the divorce, the quicker it will be for you to move on and start a new life.


Many couples employ a mediator to judge their divorce and marital problems. Mediation is known to have a positive effect on the couples and their divorce is made easier. It also improves the psyche of both parties as well as the children. Uncontested divorce leads to a brighter and controllable future and it can be achieved by hiring a mediator. If all things went well in an uncontested divorce, chances are that it won’t be re-contested afterwards.

Cons of Uncontested Divorce

Not Favors an Abusive Relationship

If there is a history of domestic violence and abusive relationships from either of the partner, then the uncontested divorce might not be the best answer. The spouse who is abusive will have an advantage over the other spouse which is not fair in any terms. The abusive spouse must not have a say to make the negotiations more advantageous towards themselves. A contested divorce is the best way to get rid of an abusive partner.

Having To Communicate With the Spouse

Some couples cannot talk without arguing with each other and in an uncontested divorce, you need to find common ground via communicating with each other. If the partners are not willing to talk on any terms whether they are on bad terms or just not emotionally ready then the concept of uncontested divorce will go down the drain. This calls for hiring an attorney who will suggest you get a contested divorce and walk you through the process.

Failure in an Uncontested Divorce

If there is a complication in your journey to uncontested divorce then you will find yourself in hot water. A failure in uncontested divorce can still lead to a contested divorce but it will waste a lot of money and time that you already spent on pursuing an uncontested divorce like hiring family lawyers, mediators and negotiating with your partner.

Complicated Finances

An uncontested divorce means that everything should be in agreement including finances, taxes and debts. If there is a lot of complications in property division, child and spousal support that you may think would be unfair to one or the other then you will have to hire contested divorce lawyers. They will understand the full financial problems and work for your benefits by keeping it all legal and fair.

Uncontested divorce attorneys Fairfax VA are experts in handling the divorce and will make the process easy provided that you and your spouse are in agreement and have found common ground.

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