How To Make An Area Rug Out Of A Carpet Remnant

How To Make An Area Rug Out Of A Carpet Remnant

Here is a great DIY activity for you that will be a great addition for your home décor and also utilize your time in doing something useful. If you have leftover carpet remnants or you need a funky area rug for your home then you can create it with carpet remnants or purchase them from the local carpet shop. This way, you won’t need to look for an area oriental rug for your living space.

Carpet shops have many carpet remnants that are leftovers from the huge role of the carpet. Some also have defects in them. These stores sell them at discounts. You can purchase a bundle of contrasting colors, shades and designs and design them into a stylish area rug.

Thing You Will Need

  • Carpet remnants
  • Hot glue gun
  • Carpet knife
  • General knife
  • Scissors
  • Big ruler
  • Carpet binding tape
  • Carpet seam sealant

Be careful when you start joining the remnants altogether. First look at what kind of design you want to make and align all the scraps and remnants to make sure you have the design you want to create or that you have coordinated and matched the colors correctly. Be very careful while using the scissors and the hot glue gun as you can also get burnt. Spread cardboard papers on the floor so that you do not dirty the floors in the process.

Step 1

Start with straightening all the remnants of the carpet. See which shape you want the area rug to be. If you are going for a simple square or a rectangular rug then it will be easy to measure all of the same size. Cut all the edges and fringes from the carpet remnants to straighten them. As the carpet remnants are old they would have frayed or shaggy ends. Cut all the remnants to form the same size and shape, you would need the same shape for a square rug or a rectangular one. Once they are straightened then you can start with the binding process so the rug looks neat.

Step 2

Keep all the remnants together for the binding process. Make sure to spread cardboard so the floor does not get damaged during the cutting and sealing. You can either use carpet binding tape or a carpet stapler or a carpet glue.

  • You can use crafts glue or white glue for this purpose but it is better to go for carpet binding glue which is especially available for this purpose. Apply glue on the edges only very carefully and neatly. Make sure to apply only on the edges and not on the carpet fringes or weaves. Then stick all the edges together and leave it to dry. Carefully apply the glue as the glue is very hot and cannot be removed then.
  • You can also use binding tape. The tape has adhesive paper on it. Place the remnant on half side of the adhesive paper. Slowly start removing the paper peel. Gradually remove the adhesive paper and press the carpet on it from the backside. Do this for the whole of the remnant. Then carefully place the next remnant beside it closely and slowly join the two remnants together. The binding tape will be in excess at the edges. You can either curl at the edges carefully or you can trim the excess and join the ends with a hot glue gun or carpet sealant glue.
  • The third option is to use a carpet stapler. A carpet stapler usually comes with given instructions and details. It is a stapler machine shaped like a gun which joins the carpet remnants together. You have to use it very carefully because you might also get hurt. It joins the carpet together very professionally, but if you have never used it then you should not try it for the first time.


Once your area rug is complete, it will be a beautiful and unique statement piece which will enhance and attract attention to your living space be it living room, bedroom, kitchen or dining room. You can match the colors according to a statement furniture piece or a painting to enhance that area. Moreover, if you are strictly looking for antique or traditional rugs, head to Persian rug stores Northern VA.

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