How To Fix Common Commercial Steamer Problems

How To Fix Common Commercial Steamer Problems

Your commercial steamer may encounter various issues at times. In order to know what the issue is and how to fix it, we have created this guide on how to fix common commercial steamer repair issues. Follow below.

No Power Indicator

Sometimes you will notice that the steamer is not showing power indicator. It happens for two reasons. First, the power from the main breaker could be turned off so you should switch it on. The second reason for it is broken controls or light. This issue is internal just like the first one. You can get help from a professional appliance repair to get the issues fixed.

Generator Does Not Fill

Another issue which you may come across with your commercial steamer is that steam generator does not fill. It also occurs for many reasons. First, the water supply can be off, second the water line strainer can be clogged, third shorted water sensors from scaling and lastly broken solenoid or control. Only a professional person can repair these issues of your steamer. So you should not try to fix these at home otherwise it will lead to more issues.

Too Much Steam

It has been seen that sometimes the steamer releases an abnormal amount of steam. You should understand why it happens so. Hot water instead of cold water, water supply off, clogged water line, broken water supply and broken condenser are the various factors responsible for this issue. Commercial appliance experts recommend seeking help from a person who repairs steamers so that you can get this issue repaired without any further delay.

Water Draining Issue

This issue has two sides; You will see too much steam as well as water drain problems. When it was tried to find out the reasons, several factors were responsible. Clogged or covered rain, poorly installed drain, worn door gaskets and unit not level are the reasons which are causing these issues. Therefore, you have to fix these problems in order to get rid of the issue of too much steam and water drain problems.

Reduced Steam Flow

On the contrary to the previous issue of steamer, the next one is reduced steam flow. In order to solve the issue, you first need to understand what factors are behind this. Scale build up is one of the primary reasons for this issue. Another reason is the low gas inlet pressure along with low voltage. Lastly, broken or improperly adjusted controls also cause reduced steam flow. In order to get the steamer in fine condition, these issues should be resolved.

Timer Not Working

In this issue you might have noticed the steam flow does not stop when the time is off. So this issue is more about the time and how it does not stop the steam flow when it has been turned off. The primary reason is unit operating in manual mode, steam valve is stuck open and broken controls inside cabinet. Any of these causes can be responsible. That is why you should hire a steamer repair service to solve the possible problem.

Water Leaking Problems

There are basically two types of water leaking issues. First is when water leaks from the bottom of the cabinet and the second is it is leaking from water pipes or water lines. It is advised that when water is leaking due to any reason, you must turn it off and prevent electricity connection otherwise it can be dangerous. If the issue remains the same, it will be better to call a plumber or an electrician who has experience in fixing steamer problems.

Food Taking Too Long to Cook

Many people have reported this issue in which food takes too long to cook in their restaurant steamers. Let us find out the possible reasons. Pans too close to the bottom, overloaded compartment, and frozen food are the major reasons. Other causes include above sea level, not enough steam movement and build up in the steam generator preventing the food to be cooked properly on time.


In this guide various issues of commercial steamer have been discussed. The guide also contains the reasons for the issues so you should seek help of a commercial kitchen appliance repair Fairfax service when needed.

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