How To Fix Chimney Blockage

How To Fix Chimney Blockage

Chimney blockage is a very common issue found in households but chimney contractors are here to fix that issue. Chimney blockage is a very dangerous issue which has health hazards as well as hazardous to the property. You need a chimney repair service or the knowledge on how to unblock a chimney blockage.

Inspect the Blockage

First things first, you need to assess the situation before going for the heavy work. Examine the chimney and determine whether the blockage can be unblocked by tools at your home. If there is a serious blockage like soot and creosote that has built up layer after layer then it might not actually be a good idea to handle the situation yourself. You must always call a chimney service if there is a problem greater than first degree creosote.

Get to the Rooftop

Once you have assessed the situation and you see you can handle the situation and you have the right tools then you can proceed by heading to the roof of your building. Getting to the roof can sometimes be dangerous so make sure that you use a sturdy ladder and have someone to hold it while you get to the rooftop. One problem many homeowners face is that the ladder they take out from their garage is not long enough to carry them to the roof and end up hurting themselves. Don’t take any risks. When you are on top of the ladder, you can see the chimney where you can begin the unblocking process.

Remove the Chimney Cap

Chimney cap must be removed in order to gain access to the chimney itself. Inspect the chimney cap and if it is broken or have a need of a change then immediately change the chimney cap. Wear some gloves, mask and goggles and remove the chimney cap. Brush off the dirt and muck from inside and outside with a scrubbing brush.

Inspect the Chimney from the Top

It is now time to unblock the blockage. Use your flashlight and look inside the chimney from the top. You can now see the debris that is clogging the chimney. Pull out the debris that can be pulled out and place them in the bucket and push the other debris down so that it takes everything else with it. One thing that you must do before heading onto the roof is to cover your living room because the dirt debris that will fall down will cause a mess in the fireplace.

Put the Chimney Cap Back

The chimney cap is now required to be put back. Once you are convinced that you have done the cleaning work, you can put the chimney cap back in its place. Make sure that the cap is fit correctly. Once done through this step, you can climb down and go into the house.

Check for Additional Blockage

When you go into the room, you may see a mess but the cleaning is not over yet. Go inside the chimney and look for any other blockage. If you see any, use a wire brush to get rid of them. Locate the blockage and sweep with the wire brush on those places. The inside of the chimney will be heavily polluted, and claustrophobic people may find it hard to breathe in there. If you have a disease that may be initiated by the cleaning then you may want someone else to do the work for you. It’s not as easy as to clean your silestone countertop, so it’s better to let professionals do it.

Perform Chimney Cleaning

It’s a good idea to perform chimney cleaning too when you have dealt with the blockage. You can sweep the chimney interior with the same brush you used for removing blocks. If that’s not good enough, you take that brush attachment of your vacuum. However, for best results, you should use a metal circular chimney brush whose diameter is normally from 8 to 10 inches. Now remove creosote and soot from every part of chimney carefully. After that check outside of chimney too for any blocks. You can also use soap and water to aid in cleaning.

It is important that you have your chimney maintained twice a year by hiring chimney contractors Ellicott City because a blocked chimney is harmful to you and the infrastructure of the house.

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